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Creating a new database
First thing you want to do before installing BeMusic is to create a new database on your mysql server. If you already know how to do this/or have already created one just skip to the next step.

Your host will most likely be running phpMyAdmin as mysql manager, if that's the case here's a step by step guide (if not the proccess will be very similar on other managers).

Login to your control panel, find and click phpMyAdmin link:


Click on the database tab in the top menu, enter any name you like and click create.


Uploading Files
After creating a database, unzpip the .zip file you donwloaded from CodeCanyon and upload the contents of bemusic folder to your servers root folder (usually called www or html or something similar) or a sub-directory, shared hosting providers usually have a web based file manager, but you should use something like Filezilla to do the upload as the web based managers can cause various problems fairly often.

Make sure that storage and all the sub-folders are writable by your server (have 777 permissions if you are on shared hosting). You can change files and folders permissions by right-clicking them in the filemanager, clicking file permissions, and then entering 777 in the permissions field.

Optional. Point your domain or sub-domain to "public" folder inside BeMusic directory instead of BeMusic directory itself. While this is optional, you should do it if possible to increase security and potentially avoid issues on some servers.


Installing BeMusic
After you uploaded BeMusic files, simply open up your site url and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation.


Updating from version 2.0.7 or earlier:
  1. Make sure you have at least PHP 5.6 on your server.
  2. Extract the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.
  3. Upload the contents of "bemusic" folder to the main BeMusic folder on your server.
  4. On your server, copy application/.env file to main BeMusic folder.
  5. Rename BASE_URL to APP_URL in .env file. Make sure the url is correct.
  6. Add this line to .env file: DB_STRICT_MODE=false
  7. Surround any values that contain spaces in .env file with double quotes. For example DATABASE_NAME="name with spaces"
  8. Delete index.php file in main BeMusic folder.
  9. Move assets/avatars folder into public/assets folder.
  10. Move assets/images/albums, assets/images/artists, assets/images/playlists folders into public/assets/images folder.
  11. Move application/storage/app/music folder into storage/app folder.
  12. Visit url and click Update Now button. (make sure you are logged in as admin)
Updating from version 2.1.0 or newer:
  1. Extract the .zip file you downloaded from CodeCanyon.
  2. Upload the contents of "bemusic" folder to the main BeMusic folder on your server.
  3. Visit url and click Update Now button. (make sure you are logged in as admin)

client folder inside the .zip can be ignored, unless your plan to modify BeMusic code.
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