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Tutorial How To Set Or Change A Hostname In CentOS 7


A hostname is simply the name a server goes by on the network. Setting a unique hostname is an excellent way to quickly find and identified different servers on your network.
There are three 3 types of hostnames.
  1. The static hostname is the most important one, and it’s stored in the /etc/hostname file. This hostname is used among machines to identify a particular server.
  2. The pretty hostname got its name because it allows for more characters and punctuation. It’s more user-friendly, but since it uses non-standard characters, it is not permitted for machine code. The pretty hostname is stored in the /etc/machine-info directory.
  3. The transient hostname is one maintained in the Linux kernel. It is dynamic, meaning it will be lost after a reboot. This approach might be useful if you have a minor job requiring a temporary hostname, but you don’t want to risk making a permanent change that might be confusing.
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